Best Value Autos for Sale on Craigslist Cars

There many plenty of autos for sale on Craigslist cars . If you don’t believe me, then go to right now and browse through their massive inventory.  I will tell you the best type of Craigslist autos to buy and which ones you need to stay away from. Here are my favorites:

My Some Favorites Autos for Sale on Craigslist Cars

1. Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima for sale on Craigslist cars
Nissan Altima for sale on Craigslist cars

My friends have Nissan Altimas, my mom has an Altima, basically everyone I know has a Nissan Altima.  Basically this type of vehicle packs a lot of bang for its buck and people who purchase this car have all had great experiences.

2. Toyota Camry

There are many Toyota Camry’s on Craigslist autos for sale.  Most of these cars are quite affordable and will sell from $5000 to as little as $2000.  The best part of these vehicles is that you can drive them for up to 300,000 miles, or until the car gets robbed (or explodes)…whatever comes first.

3. Honda Civic Hatchback

The car basically drives itself, goes over 90 miles an hour downhill and has an awesome two speaker stereo system.  If I could go back through time, I would buy a hundred of these cars and give them all to my friends.

4. Ford Impala

Ford Impalas are a true American classic and people who purchase Craigslist autos love to snatch up these rare classics.  The problem with these used cars are that they are very rare, and it’s hard to come across one of these cars on the Craigslist classifieds board.  If you do see one; however, then you are certainly lucky and should think about forking out your life savings to experience the sheer joy of driving these war machines.

5. 2005 Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is another car that is a hot ticketed and contested vehicle on Craigslist. These cars sell from anywhere as high as $30,000 and as low as $1999.99.  The reason for this depends on the amenities.  Ford Fiesta has a lot of upgrade features and many Craigslist auto owners tend to “trick” on their cars before selling them.  If you come across a Ford Fiesta on Craigslist Iowa cars, make sure to think about the resale value as the parts alone could be worth more than the car.

Ford Crown Victoria - affordable autos for sale
Ford Crown Victoria

6. Ford Crown Victoria

These cars in their hay-day were basically suped up sedans on steroids.  Many people like to purchase old police cars and pretend to be policeman.  If you come across a car like this, then you can try to be a policeman too.  Just don’t get caught or you will be put into jail.

With the vast amount of autos for sale on Craigslist cars, you might make a little brown in your pants.

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